The Business

Albany Elite Property is all about SPECIALISATION.

We SPECIALISE in the following areas:

Albany Elite Property is your #1 online source for Albany Real Estate

Each of our specialty areas have the very best Specialist Practitioners working in that area.

Our Specialist Residential Property Managers have a wealth of Property Management and real estate experience.

Our Property Managers have over 50 years of combined experience.

Our Commercial and Strata team have over 50 years of combined banking experience and 10 years of real estate experience.

And the BUSINESS is owned by and under the direct management of Rino Daniele, a Qualified Lawyer of 20 years legal experience and a licensed Real Estate Agent of over 10 years experience.

With the ever increasing need to keep up with legislative and compliance requirements, your valuable asset requires SPECIALIST knowledge.

It is a cliché but we all know it’s true: if you need heart surgery you entrust your treatment to a Specialist Heart Surgeon and not a General Practitioner.

Having a SPECIALIST looking after your affairs will ensure the best possible outcome.