Please call your property manager or our office during office hours, or our emergency number after hours, which is 0427 420 353.
The residential Tenancies Act 1987 requires you to notify us of the need for urgent repairs “as soon as practicable after the need arises”.

Once you have notified us, we will have repairs attended to as soon as practicable, but in any event, within 24 hours of being notified for the restoration of essential services (gas, electricity, water supply – including hot water and waste water treatment) and within 48 hours for other urgent repairs.

PLEASE BE ADVISED you are NOT entitled to arrange for this repair work to be carried out YOURSELF, unless we fail to meet the time frames detailed above. If you do have the repair work done, then you will be liable to pay the repairer personally.

Please consult the Department of Commerce website for all relevant advice regarding your rights and obligations for urgent repairs.

LOST KEYS or KEYS LOCKED INSIDE THE PROPERTY – this is NOT a maintenance issue!
You are required to contact a locksmith and attend to this matter yourself. However, during normal working hours, we will provide you with assistance. Should you lose possession of the keys or lock them in the house then you will be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with replacing the keys or gaining access to the premises. The owner will replace keys and arrange for access to the premises only during normal business hours.