How we Find Quality Tenants

We start this process by exposing your property to the widest possible market, giving you the best possible Tenant selection.

Exposing your property to the widest possible market starts with an effective marketing campaign, tenants will usually make their first impression about your property by what they see on the internet. This means that the photographs which are displayed on the website should be of a high standard, showing the property off in its best light.

The property should be accurately priced. Overpricing your property will cut it off from a portion of the market, limiting your Tenant selection.

The property should be very well presented for prospective Tenant inspections. Well-presented and maintained properties attract quality Tenants.

Interested prospective Tenants are required to submit a detailed Application form which includes details on their current and past accommodation details, employment details and other relevant information. Reference checks are completed on all Applications which include:

• Employment reference checks
• Rental reference checks
• Ownership checks, if relevant
• Tenancy database/credit checks
• Character reference checks

We will discuss all Applications with you although we will only recommend those which appear to be from ‘strong’ Applicants.

You have the final say on the successful Applicant. Albany Elite Property is the only real estate agency in Albany primarily DEDICATED to SPECIALISING in Property Management.