Landlord Insurance

As with all endeavours we engage in, we all wish to the best possible outcome, or at least that the worst outcome will not happen to us.

I don’t think anyone commences a journey in a vehicle believing that they will be involved in a car accident – but accidents do happen.

Similarly, with a rental property, you don’t rent it out believing that the tenant will intentionally and maliciously damage the property or will fail to pay the rent – but they do.

No process known can ever guarantee what a tenant will do. All the checks we undertake and references provided cannot ensure their future conduct.

We strongly recommend taking out Landlord Insurance.

Please discuss this matter with us and your insurance brokers.

There are relatively inexpensive products on the market that can give you peace of mind.

Owning an investment property should be a financially rewarding experience. But tenant trouble or plain bad luck can cost you dearly.

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